Sikh Music Training

The Ultimate beginners course for learning Sikh Music online.

Our Sikh Music Training Course is specially designed for beginners to learn about the world of sound, emotions, pitch and rhythm through bite-size lessons at their own pace and comfort of their own home.

Where in just 16 weeks, you will learn the ease of finger placement, tuning, bow control and how to play your very first Shabd on your Dilruba in raag! 

This is just the beginning, as our course is built on the foundation of making this art and know-how accessible for all and to implement the musicology to support one’s own well-being.

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"I never knew how emotions work. That is the most interesting part I've enjoyed with Raj Academy. I realize things in my life and have become more conscious, and I have the feeling Guru is always with me. I can now stay positive and fearless in my daily life."

- Tejinder Kaur, Canada

Sikh Music Training is a means of altering your relationship with yourself to create a deep bonding with your mind, body and soul.

Course Structure

The Course is made up of 6 Grades, each building upon each other to smoothly support students with little or no musical experience to become confident in not only playing Kirtan but to become Kirtan.

Student's are guided throughout the Course through a collaborative process of online bite-size lessons, practice along with videos and 1-1 tutor guidance. The grades are smoothly broken down for students to be empowered to;

  • Tune their listening skills to build a deeper connection with their feelings.
  • Increase cognitive development and develop a healthier connection with their mind and body.
  • Learn to channel their feelings in a healthy way when they cannot find words.
  • Build a connection with the raags within Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and know how to implement Sikh musicology into their lives to live more conscious and spiritually aligned.
  • Developing harmony and synchronicity across all areas of their life through the aid of the Dilruba instrument.
  • Learn to channel their emotions using the spiritual Shabds from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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Our global sangat holds the power and flexibility to their learning and growth. 

They choose their most convenient time and day, and have 24/7 access to  their lessons.

Weekly Structure

Through weekly guidance and structure your progress is inevitable.

With over two decades of experience  our curriculum allows students to do heartwork not hard work.

Personal Tutor

Our students access weekly support through Webschool, emails,  Skype and practice sessions. 

Our students are our sangat and we are dedicated to investing in teachers of the future with the right care and support.

Student messages

"Sikh Music and especially the Raags help me to go through many hardships in my life. When something bad happens in school, I play a Shabad or listen to a Shabad and it helps me feel better."

- Mehar Kaur, Grade 3, USA

"Sikh Music is a way for me to understand myself and connect to myself. It allows me to understand my potential and capacity better."

- Brahmbind Singh, Grade 7, Canada

"I feel connected with Guru when I sit and play my Dilruba. My practice de-stresses me and makes all my worries disappear."

- Inderjit Kaur, Grade 5, Indonesia

"Sikh Music deepens my understanding of the self and it provides a beautiful space to be with myself. My daily practice gives me comfort and peace."

- Urs Nussbaum, Grade 2, Switzerland

"Sikh Music has become my daily practice for mental wellness and spiritual connection with Waheguru."

- Jas Sokal, Grade 5, USA

“Sikh Music has helped me to develop a deeper connection within myself and become more aware of my emotional self. I feel a state of balance and strength."

- Tajmeet Kaur, Grade 8, United Kingdom

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